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Become an official SABR Member!

Your donation will go towards SABR operating costs, special rides, bike rodeos and other volunteer-run programs. 
Donations of $35 and over will receive a Bike Benefits sticker
and a Seacoast Bikes cinch bag!

Annual Membership

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Your help keeps SABR running so we can continue to make the Seacoast better for biking!

SABR is a nonprofit, volunteer organization with the mission of “making the Seacoast better for biking.” We’ve been providing a unified voice for all kinds of bike riders in the Seacoast of New Hampshire and southern Maine since 1992. By joining SABR you are making a statement about your love of cycling. Your voice will join hundreds of others to give strength to the Seacoast’s only cycling advocacy group. Your membership helps us work for you! We may also reach out periodically to mobilize members’ activism when local cycling issues require public input.

Please join SABR as a sustaining member. Your membership gives us the resources to make the Seacoast better for biking. Your membership supports:

As a member, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • A strong, united voice to advocate for biking improvements in the Seacoast

  • Discounts at participating bike shops


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