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SABR Routes

In need of cycling road map inspiration? SABR’s Favorite Road Routes have been updated!

We're happy to share some of the routes we have used for group rides from 5 to 60 miles. If you plan to drive and park at the start in a private lot be sure to always check with the business first. Thank you and Happy Riding!

NEW!!! 2024 Pizza Pursuit Ride (June 2024)
Did you miss the epic pizza pursuit ride? You can ride it at your own pace with the route here
NEW!!! 2024 SABR Women's Rides (May 2024)
On May 19, 2024, SABR offered two rides , both starting from the Eliot Commons parking lot off Route 236.
For those who want a long, faster paced ride (12+ mph) check out the 25 mile loop. For those wanting a slower, 10-mile ride, here’s the route. There are gentle hills on both rides. 
NEW!!! 2024 Portsmouth Mayor's Ride
This route was planned for 5/5/2024 in partnership between the city and Seacoast Area Bicycle Riders. It starts outside New Franklin School. The gps route contains facts about completed and future DPW projects:
Rye’s Slow Roll Loop

Perfect for a Sunday morning roll! Park at the Rye Public Library; a bike repair stand is conveniently located just outside the side door.

Plan a stop at Jenness Beach stores for coffee (go straight instead of turning right on Cable).

Portsmouth’s Mayor Ride (May 2022)

This 8-mile bike ride starts at the Portsmouth Middle School (a bike repair station is located just next door at the Portsmouth Public Library). The ride follows an 8-mile loop along some of the City’s best bicycle routes, as well as revealing some hidden gems. This ride was created for the May 21st, 2022 ride led by Mayor Deaglan McEachern.

The Portsmouth Public Art Slow roll

This is a short and easy ride (less than 5 miles), but all riders need to be comfortable riding in downtown traffic and obeying traffic laws. Please be prepared to ride with traffic in town. All art information comes from the amazing “Public Art Portsmouth” Facebook Page!

  • Meet at Lafayette playground

  • Head toward town in the Lafayette/Middle St bike lane to Middle Street Market

  • Mural on the side of Portsmouth Market

  • Take a Right on Union St, then a left on Lincoln Ave.

  • Right on Elwyn Ave, cross South and continue on Clough Drive to Little Harbor School

  • Lydia Valdez Memorial Garden behind LHS playground

  • Right on Brackett rd, using path. Cross New Castle Ave and continue on Humphreys Court, then Left on Marcy Street

  • At Sanders Fish Market, sharp right on South Mill St and follow Mechanic Street

  • War of the Worlds sculpture at the “Museum of Dumb Guy Stuff”

  • Cross into Prescott Park

  • View to “My Mother the Wind” statue on Four Tree Island

  • Fisherman’s Luck (the Whale) 

  • Odyssey (in formal garden center fountain)

  • Hovey/ Neptune’s Fountain

  • Roll down Court Street to #165

  • BRAND NEW Ruth Blay mural

  • African Burying Ground

  • “Take the lane” on State St, U-turn before Memorial Bridge, hang a right on Bow St

  • Figurehead at Martingale Wharf

  • Right on Ceres St past tugs

  • Shark/Dove Mural and USCGC Eagle painting 

  • Cross Market to Deer Street, then Left on Portwalk Place

  • Mandala Murals on Shalimar

  • Right on Hanover St

  • North End bas relief on wall near the corner

  • Right on Bridge St stopping at Dwyers Pub

  • Five new Murals at Dwyers Pub

  • Left on Foundry Place

  • Art on the walls of the garage, “Hammer Concept”, and “Etched Glass Concept”

  • Through Rock Street Park to McDonough Street

  • Peter Happny sculpture
    Left on Cornwall to end at Goodwin Park.


The Portsmouth Pease Loop 
This is a social ride for most abilities. The route is a combination of road, multi-use path, and bike lane, so some comfort mixing with traffic is required. The route is available here:

New Castle Loop

Just a lovely 6 mile loop. Nice for just a quick ride, or an add on to other rides. Be mindful of the metal bridge!

South Along the Ocean:

This route is really the gem of the area in my opinion. The views are stunning, and the shoulder is wide. The risks are mainly traffic, especially during the summer. I suggest this as a morning route, as it can get congested as the day goes on. Also, I made this route as a loop, but it works as an out and back just as well. The loop inland goes through some nice terrain, so feel free to explore. As an aside, the entire strip headed towards Hampton Beach is a wonderful ride, but as you get into Hampton Beach you’ll find the roads and traffic get a bit less bike friendly unless you’re catching it at an off hour. Lots of traffic and pedestrians during the summer season!

North from Portsmouth to Nubble Lighthouse

Fair warning: This route is hilly (by seacoast standards) and has a lot less shoulder, but it’s got a nice variety of terrain and the views in the middle are top notch.. You can shorten this route easily enough just by chopping off the part along the beach and/or Nubble Lighthouse, or make it longer by continuing past Nubble through York Cliffs and on to Ogunquit.

Newington Loop

This one goes in a different direction altogether. It uses the multi use path to get you into Pease before heading out to Newington. Getting through Pease isn’t a lot of fun, but if you avoid the 8am and 5pm traffic, it’s peaceful enough. The good stuff happens when you get into Newington. It’s just nice quiet roads. If you do this in the evening, you’re likely to see quite a few turkeys and/or deer idling around. If you feel like going a bit further, there is a protected bike path over the bay so you can check out Hilton Park or even head in to Dover or Durham if you’re feeling energetic! The bike path starts over by Stone Face Brewery. It’s gravel to start, but is paved once you get past the first 100 yards.

From North Hampton
Throwback Rides 2021

(15/30/60 miles Coastal NH)

The 15-mile loop is a flat loop that runs through the back roads of North Hampton and Rye.

15 mile loop

The 30-mile ride includes some hills and will take riders through North Hampton, Rye, Greenland and Stratham. 

30 mile loop

The 60-mile ride will take riders through some of the prettiest back roads of the Seacoast in Stratham and Exeter. 

60 mile loop

Southern Maine

The 2021 BCM Women’s Ride (33 miles Southern Maine)

This ride was offered on June 5, 2021 as part of the Bicycle Coalition of Maine women’s guided rides all over the state of Maine. SABR volunteers led a group of over 20 women through the beautiful back roads of Kittery, Eliott and South Berwick with a stop for ice cream at Aggies.

Statewide and Regional Bicycle Route Maps have been produced by the NH Department of Transportation.

Printed copies of statewide and regional bicycle route maps can be obtained from the New Hampshire Bicycle/Pedestrian website at

NHDOT has 7 New Hampshire Regional Bicycle maps available at the links below for viewing or printing.

If you would like printed copies of these maps mailed to you, send an e-mail request with your mailing address to

Maine’s bike touring site – and for more inspiration and some awesome interactive cycling road maps, check out the Bicycle Coalition of Maine website:

Info on bicycle touring in Maine is available at the Maine DOT Bicycle Tour Homepage. (MAINE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION BICYCLE ROUTE MAPS – For copies of The Maine Bike Map, call the Maine DOT at 207-287-6600 or explore

EASTERN TRAIL MAPS The Eastern Trail Alliance is working hard to reestablish the railroad corridor in southern Maine from Kittery to Portland as a recreational greenway.

Maps of the on-road version of the eastern Trail are available in the Eastern Trail On-Road Guide The On-Road guide is only available as a PDF document. You will need Adobe Acrobat to open the PDF version of the guide.

EAST COAST GREENWAY – East Coast Greenway Alliance: Walkers, cyclists, and other trail advocates have joined forces around an audacious project, a 2,900 mile traffic-free path linking East Coast cities from Maine to Florida. Launched only 10 years ago, this vision for an urban alternative to the highly popular Appalachian Trail is quickly becoming a reality. Click here for Maps of the East Coast Greenway.

NH Seacoast Greenway Committee:

Bike Handles

Throwback Rides

Throwback Rides 2021 (15/30/60 miles Coastal NH)

The 15-mile loop is a flat loop that runs through the back roads of North Hampton and Rye.

15 mile loop

The 30-mile ride includes some hills and will take riders through North Hampton, Rye, Greenland and Stratham. 

30 mile loop

The 60-mile ride will take riders through some of the prettiest back roads of the Seacoast in Stratham and Exeter. 

60 mile loop

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