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CALL TO ACTION! Oppose NH Bill 1063

Updated: Feb 4

(we didn't think we would write two blog posts with similar titles in one week, but here we go again)

The Bike-Walk Alliance of New Hampshire alerted us AGAIN to a proposed bill in the NH State legislature that would put our safety at risk.

This time, the proposed bill (HB1063) is “relative to motor vehicle speed within 10 miles per hour of the speed limit.”  This bill seeks to add one or more stipulations that under certain conditions, motor vehicles will be allowed to travel 10 miles an hour over the posted\listed speed limit before law enforcement officials could issue a citation.


Bike-Walk Alliance strongly OPPOSES this bill. 

This bill is being heard on Tuesday February, 6th at 9:30 am.  Submitting this opposition tonight or early tomorrow gives the legislative committee members time to review.

Please go through the quick easy steps below & voice your own personal opposition to this bill. If you have any questions, please feel free to email

1) Click here to -->  House Remote sign In .

2) Fill in your name, town, email address  

3)  Select date of Hearing -->  2/6/2024  (9:30am)

4)  Select Committee:  House Transportation

a) Choose Bill: HB1063 --> 9:30am

b) I am A Member of the Public

c) I’m representing myself

d) I OPPOSE this bill

5) Upload Remote Testimony (optional) - You can leave blank or add text explaining your feelings, such as why you oppose this bill.  It's most important to simply show opposition, so feel free to leave text blank, your call.

6) Click Submit.


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