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Portsmouth Bike Rodeo

Portsmouth Recreation and Seacoast Area Bicycle Rider hosted their 2nd annual Bike Rodeo at Dondero Elementary School on Sunday, September 17. Approximately 120 people attended riding through the skills course, the offroad course, helmet check stations, bike check station, and a neighborhood ride. This event is the 2nd in a 3-part series to increase excitement, skill, and safety around bicycle riding. Portsmouth’s Mayor and his family attended the event to show his continued support for recreation and a safe bike/walk community for Portsmouth.

Thank you to the following businesses and organizations who volunteered their time and made donations towards the event: Papa Wheelies, Gus's Bike Shop, Seacoast EBikes, Kit Supply &Co, Brain Injury Association of NH, Dondero Elementary School, Portsmouth Fire Dept, Portsmouth Police Dept, and all the community volunteers.

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