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Spooky slow roll at dusk

Last night about twenty spooky riders met in the parking lot of White Heron on Islington Street in Portsmouth for an evening ride through the streets (and even the cemetery). Our fearless guide Jonathan took us down Sagamore Rd as it was being paved (the construction crew did cheer on seeing our lighted two wheels), and following 1A in New Castle where we saw deer grazing in someone's yard and zombies enjoying a lawn fete across from the country club. After a quick stop at the New Castle Commons, we continued through the village and rode the causeway towards Portsmouth. We ended the ride at Ottos' Pizza.

This was a great opportunity for SABR Board Members to hand out bike lights (purchased with SABR members' donations). If you would like to donate to the Free Bike Lights program, please visit our page here.

For the route of our spooky ride, please click here.

Thank you to all who joined us last night, we hope to see you again soon (check out our events page), and if you would like to lead a ride in your community please reach out to us at

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